Postfix Options

Our goal is to provide you with a full range of Postfix Mail Server support. Postfix training, consulting, gateways, hosting and constant ideas about Postfix in our blog which is updated daily. Our Postfix training options can be configured to meet the needs of your organization. We can provide limited support or consulting as needed for your Postfix needs. We are currently looking for small organizations who are interested in having full featured mail server support, gateway options or mail hosting.

Postfix Training

We currently offer an eight week course of live training on the Postfix Mail server. The course is designed to provide the information needed to set up a Postfix Mail Server, labs that can be performed on a practice server, flash movies that demonstrate configuration of Postfix, live virtual classroom sessions with an instructor and each student is provided a practice server. The Postfix Mail Server course is 8 weeks long, performed one-on-one for each student so that it can be taken at any time. Information - 1300 pages of training The class provides each student with 3 manuals. The first manual is a 300 page 11x8.5" lay flat manual for Postifx with step by step configuration. The second manual contains over 500 pages of documentation for setting up and maintaining a server. This manual is a detailed manual with over 40 labs. The third manual is also over 500 pages and is provided to demonstrate step by step configuration for other services you many need on the mail server such as DNS. Labs - over 100 Labs The labs are provided to give you step-by-step references on how to configure a server and how to set up Postfix. About 25 labs are specific to Postfix while the other 80+ labs are a reference to security, sever set up or other services that may be required. Flash MoviesEach student is provided a CD which will allow them to watch Flash Movies with voice to demonstrate how to set up and maintain a Postfix server. Live Virtual Classroom Students will have one-on-one sessions with an instructor to demonstrate Postfix configuration and so that students can ask questions. These virtual classrooms allow students to talk to the instructor using our voice server and allow them to watch live demonstrations on a live server. Live Practice Server Students are each provided a server to work on during the class. They will have root access so that they can build a Postfix Mail Server. The instructor can then login and evaluate the server and verify the student's settings. Each student will be provided a practice server for 8 weeks.

Postfix Consulting

If your organization is currently running a Postfix Mail server and would like to have either solutions for issues that you are facing or look at having us provide long term support for your Postfix Mail server we can provide that service.

Postfix Gateways

We are currently developing a Postfix Gateway which will filter SPAM and clean mail of virus content before that mail gets to your mail server. This service will be offered December 1, 2008.

Postfix Mail Hosting

January 1, 2009 we will offer small companies the option to have us desgin, maintain and deliver their company mail. This will provide secure mail options that have been filtered and cleaned of malicous content.


Postfix Support Needs

Let us work with your staff to provide you with the mail server support options. Support prices start at $55.00 per hour. You may purchase 10 hour blocks for $400.00. Support Details

Postfix Course

Train your staff to manage your Postfix Mail servers in 8 weeks of live training in a virtual classroom. Classes are a unique one-to-one so that we can service the exact needs of your staff. Students can talk to the teacher and watch demonstrations in class. each student has access to a Live Server to practice on. 1300 Pages of documentation will be provided to give you a comprehensive training package. Postfix Mail Server Training Details

Postfix Blog

Get daily ideas with our Postfix Blog. New ideas to develop and maintain your Postfix Mail Server Postfix Blog